Welcome, Halloween!

Halloween almost here, is your business geared up for that?

Wake up now; before it’s too late! These big titans will eat your online presence and market share.

You have time to plan for other events but you don’t have time to prepare for Halloween’s marketing.

Yeah, it’s not too late. You can make your ideas and create a kickass marketing strategy for Halloween.

We’ll guide you how:

1. Stir your logo in the heart of Halloween

Add the spirit of Halloween to your logo. Make it a bit spooky, so don’t think that we are offering you to add cringe-worthy features to your logo. Be a bit spirited and add the layer of the festive flavor to your logo.

You can add some colors of Halloween, or can bring some flavor to your logo like, pumpkin, haunted house, etc.

Do a favor to your digital marketing strategy, and transform your logo in the spirit of Halloween. It’s not bad to convert your logo into a special Halloween logo. Don’t harm the important design elements. Play smartly and give it a colors of Halloween.

Ever seen Google? It’s sheer crazy of us to ask you that. Obviously, we look up to Google to find out our reactions.

Other than finding the answers, look at its Logo. Before the festival knocks on the door, Google changes its logo accordingly.

If digital giant Google can do it, why can’t you make your own logo transform into Halloween logo? And, if you aren’t able to do it on your own, let us do the job for you. Dress up like our logo for Halloween? We may take your offer! Logo Wink provide you with an outstanding Halloween logo design in just minutes!

2. Have an online store? Note this.

Let the colors of Halloween appear on your website. If you own an ecommerce online store, it is a must to spread the colors of Halloween. There are lots of Halloween designs offered, but we think that you don’t want to be a copycat, do you? Activate your brain cells and keep the concepts coming.

Let’s give you a suggestion here; use strange fonts, have animated theme on your websites, even a spooky pop-up would do. Let your consumers know that your online store is high on Halloween!

Stop! Where are you going? You don’t own an ecommerce store, and now you think that this information is of no use? Fine, the Halloween spirit should be there on your website, even if you don’t own online store.

Simply saying “Happy Halloween” won’t do, make the Halloween colors visible on the screen.

The bottom line

Such best ideas are in your bucket now. Making the most of it is exclusively your call. Merely, holding a Halloween party, printing the Halloween party logo on the invitation cards won’t remember your name in your customers’ mind. Do something new, something strange yet fun. Well, weird is good when you want to show that spooky side, isn’t it?

Before the big giants start getting the attention of your audience, create your energetic force that doesn’t let them go away. Try the powerful ideas that we shared; we are sure your sales increase will talk to the sky during the entire festival.

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